A beneficial Hakuko-individual crossbreed slave that Naofumi bought from Beloukas, along with her sister to help Raphtalia’s town

A beneficial Hakuko-individual crossbreed slave that Naofumi bought from Beloukas, along with her sister to help Raphtalia’s town

Naofumi bought the newest siblings because of the prospective he watched from inside the their bloodline and saw the woman as a means to make certain the lady brother’s loyalty. Even with getting blind, Atla sensed Naofumi’s presence, hence she referred to as becoming “one another good and kind, though that have strong sadness undetectable inside.” That it made Atla believe Naofumi and ask for him when planning on taking worry out of her sister on account of how she to begin with won’t live much offered. Whenever Naofumi cured the lady having an Elixir off Yggdrasil, which had been produced by his Secure, Atla turned into extremely connected, or even affectionate, to the your and you will desired to be of good used to him.

When you’re Naofumi found these methods rather difficult, the guy continued to look after Atla such as the most other slaves the guy ordered on town. The guy don’t believe the majority of Atla’s goal getting their “shield,” maybe not recognizing Atla was very serious about this. The guy began to see how Atla had a great deal more possible in treat than her cousin and you will reconsidered their flexibility he sparred which have this lady and additionally Raphtalia. That it number of trust developed little armenia search to where Naofumi were able to entrust Atla during the a technique and you may battle against the Devil Dragon.

Frequency fifteen Spoilers Inside battle up against the Phoenix, Atla managed to fulfill her hope becoming Naofumi’s protect and you may forfeited the woman existence to safeguard your. Her dying devastated Naofumi as he desperately made an effort to help save their. But not, on account of this lady compassion, Naofumi managed to discover brand new shield regarding mercy which pent-up their secure off wrath and you can invited your feeling correct feelings once more. For this reason with his last promise so you’re able to the woman to consider other people’s attitude, Naofumi’s lifetime is forever altered when he became good kinder and you can way more caring individual.

Mirellia Q Melromarc

The new Queen and you will Naofumi was basically towards fairly an excellent terms given that business associates. As he realized he was used by the the girl, the guy and additionally realized you to she necessary your, thus he had been happy to tolerate it. That she eliminated their name and you can punished the lady partner and you will child for their mistreatment off him seemed to be the fresh core of its dating. Both handled one another because the translates to, however, she approved their really worth one another politically and also as an excellent Holy Champion.


The guy runs a weapons store within the Melromarc and is the only individual that felt inside the Naofumi after he had been incorrectly accused because of the Bitch – ironically, it was Bitch by herself who had put Naofumi so you’re able to Erhard. The guy helps make most, if not completely, of gizmos donned by Naofumi together with his carriage, specifically their Bandit-styled Barbarian Armour, and is accountable for practise Raphtalia the basics of swordsmanship. His experience are from a good blacksmith on the East. The guy wants Naofumi discover other blacksmith, as he believes his or her own experiences to get sandwich-par, but Naofumi metropolitan areas a top value into the his experience along with his relationship.


If you find yourself Naofumi takes into account this new slave merchant is a helpful individual because of his character in the providing your with assorted submissives getting his increasing army, he cannot imply people actual believe with the kid. The retailer features indexed one Naofumi enjoys an excellent organization experience, discussing him since the their favorite consumer and a person whom can’t be with ease deceived. Naofumi, on the other hand, creeps on him. No matter, Naofumi will continue to would various forms regarding company with him, whether it pertains to to buy a lot more submissives, establishing servant agreements, otherwise getting valuable pointers.

Ost Horai

Initially Naofumi was suspicious out-of Ost given that she claimed so you can getting a familiar of your own Spirit Tortoise. not, she became an important friend into the conquering the latest polluted Guardian Beast. Due to her unique wonders, she been able to offer guidelines inside battle and also avoid Naofumi away from becoming overcome by the their Secure out-of Wrath. She including coached your about the champion-private magic: Liberation-classification. Naofumi profoundly recognized her along with her lose must overcome their own human anatomy.

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